(A demo of vidyut-prakriya. Please file bugs here.)

Click on a dhatu to see its forms. Click on a form to see its prakriya.

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(UI in progress) Click on a stem to see its forms. Click on a form to see its prakriya.

This is an online demo of vidyut-prakriya, a Paninian word generator created for the Ambuda project.

  • Why does this matter? — Our program generates an enormous Sanskrit word list with detailed grammatical information. This data will let us build powerful new tools for the next generation of Sanskrit learners.

  • Why is this new?vidyut-prakriya is fast, free, and powerful. Our system implements more than 2,000 rules from the Ashtadhyayi, with more coming soon.

  • How does this work? — See our GitHub repository for details.

  • How did you verify this tool? — By testing against more than 10,000 examples from the Kashika Vritti and the Siddhanta Kaumudi. That said, many small errors still remain. We are convinced we can fix these errors over time.

  • How reliable is this website? — This site is a quick online demo and could break at any time. We hope to give it a more permanent home soon.

  • How do I report errors? — Please create an issue on our project's GitHub Issues page. Doing so will require a free GitHub account. Or, contact us on the Ambuda contact page.

  • How do I subscribe for updates? — Please subscribe to our ambuda-announce newsletter. We post updates roughly once a month about our project and ongoing work.